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This building is located at 433 East Thirty-first Street. The Flock originally sought out this place in hope that The Institute for Higher Living was located here, where they could research about themselves and their parenthood.

In the Angel Experiment, after Max, Angel, and the rest of the Flock prayed at Saint Patrick's Cathedral, Max gave serious thought to staying in the church, hiding and sleeping there. Just as she turned to ask Fang, a sharp pain burst in her head and she saw a vision of architectural drawings, blueprints, and subway maps. She also saw an image of the building and its address.

The Flock visited the building soon after, but the receptionist would not answer their questions. When a security guard began to approach, Max quickly led the others outside.

They later accessed the Institute for Higher Living through the sewers.

In the files at the end of School's Out - Forever, a letter is included , addressed from "T. Gomy" at the Institute for Higher Living, located on the 24th floor of 433 E. 31st Street.


The building was very tall, about forty-five floors, and had a greenish, old-fashioned facade. There were revolving doors. Inside, the lobby was all polished wood, brass, and big tropical plants. The floor was smooth granite tiles. 


  • This address (433 East 31st Street, New York, NY 10016) exists in real life and is located in the Manhattan neighborhood of Kips Bay. E 31st Street is located in the middle of a commercial strip mall called Kips Bay Plaza, including locations such as a movie theater and a Staples.
  • There is also a 433 E 31st Street in Brooklyn (a street which has mostly apartment buildings).