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Alpar Nok is the home planet of Alparian aliens, most namely Daniel X.


During an ancient Era, Alpar Nok gave elephants to Terra Firma as a gift.

Years later, Ergent Seth, Number 6 on the List, attacked Alpar Nok. That attack, later called First Strike, was the same attack that killed the real Willy, Joe, Dana, and Emma, Daniel's friends.

Ergent Seth decimated the population on Alpar Nok, but after he was killed by Daniel X, a new threat arose.

Colin and Ellie Gygax, Numbers 7 and 8 on the List, kidnapped some Alpar Nokians (Alparians), which are now an endangered species because of First Strike. The two criminals brought the Alparains to Terra Firma to be killed.

Known Inhabitants



Former Inhabitants