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Hi, everyone. Max may have told you about me—I'm Anne Walker, from the FBI. Has Max filled you in on the agreement we made?

Anne Walker, School's Out - Forever

Anne Walker

Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Status Unknown
Eye Color
Hair Color
Height Unknown
Affiliation Jeb Batchelder
Species Human
Home Virginia
Appearances School's Out - Forever,

Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports

Anne Walker was a minor character that first appeared in School's Out - Forever and temporarily took care of the Flock. She claimed to be an FBI agent, which was also confirmed by Angel. However, it was also revealed that she was Jeb Batchelder's boss.


School's Out - Forever

While Fang was at the hospital, she appeared along with the FBI and met the Flock in person. The next day, she took them to her house, where they stayed for several weeks. However, the Flock was forced to leave after they learned she was in league with the School.

Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports

She later appeared briefly with Jeb Batchelder at the School and tried to convince the Flock that none of their adventures were real. It is unknown what happened to her afterwards.


Anne was described as being blonde and pretty. During their time at the hospital, Max also said that her sympathy was setting her teeth on edge.


Max said she had the professional "polish and attitude" of a news anchor.

File:Anne walker ultimate flight.jpg

Anne Walker in Max Ride: Ultimate Flight


  • When she first appeared, she stated she was the head of the FBI. Angel later confirmed that she does work for the FBI. However, when later revealed to be Jeb's boss, the question of whether Anne really works for FBI or Itexicon was raised.
  • She wasn't a very good cook.
    • She was said to have regularly eaten frozen and pre-made foods.
    • She first attempted actual cooking from scratch with the arrival of the Flock in her home.