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We're headed for the South Pole! And it's, like, so far south that it's the bottom of the whole world ... We're explorers. We might see stuff no one else has ever seen.

Gazzy, The Final Warning

In The Final Warning, Max and the Flock were sent to Antarctica to help a group of scientists, including Dr. Michael Papa and Dr. Brigid Dwyer, investigate global warming.

Reputation Among the Scientists

The Antarctic is an unpredictable and dangerous place.


  • Similar terrains
  • Ice crevasses
    • Trivia: Angel fell in one with Akila and Total when they went out searching for a baby penguin.
  • Nest looting
  • Leopard seal attacks
  • Blizzards


The bright sun here, reflecting off the ice and snow, could permanently damage someone's eyes (as a result, everyone needed to wear sunglasses, even Iggy who was blind). The air was cold (approx. 80 below 0) but clear—allowing great visibility, but no colder than it was at 25000 feet, which was well below freezing. The air here is also some of the driest on earth. Virtually everything was covered in snow, but along the coasts and some of the outer islands, there are thin strips of bare rocks where glaciers have broken off. There are also buildings in bright shades of red or lime green to stand out as much as possible, like in a snowstorm. Though here, blizzards are just mean ferocious winds blowing snow and ice around, and hardly any snow or other kinds of precipitation falls. There were no green, either: no trees, no shrubs, no grass, no weeds. There were also no sidewalks, no trash, no skyscrapers, no cars. It was completely different from anything the flock had ever seen before, and quoted from Max: "...suddenly the phrase "polar opposites" made a lot more sense." Nudge thinks it's like being on the moon, since it was so clean.   

Lucir Station

Lucir station consisted of about fifteen bright red metal buildings raised up on steel stilts. Some were connected, like stepping-stones, going up the nearest hill. A few stood alone. Most of them had snowcoats and bobsleds and ice trucks parked underneath.

The Flock stayed here in the guest quarters, which were in a separate metal hut instead of inside the actual station. It was small, but cozy and comfortable, with one room full of bunk beds, four high; a small living room; a bathroom; and a tiny kitchen.


  • Max made a poem about white during her time here. See here.
  • The Flock discovers that Iggy can see the color, white, during their time here.