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And then the animals, they sink to their knees and lie down, one by one. They raise their voices and beg for Death to come to them! And Death, he comes.

Azizi to Max, Maximum Ride Forever

Azizi is a minor character introduced in Maximum Ride Forever, and the brother of Nuru. However, he is not seen in any other books.


After Nuru confronts Max for the first time, Azizi comes up to the bird kid and exclaims that everyone they've met since the apocalypse was badly burned.

Once inside a mud-packed hut, he and his sister explain that—because of the heat and his albinism—they have to remain covered at all times. Azizi also says that he had seen a safari jeep's windows explode in the disaster, all the animals had died, and the burn victims he'd talked to had supposedly seen God in the sky. He would go back to the city, but because of the city's view on albinism, he cannot; already he had lost his left hand to witch doctors.

After Max drinks some cow blood offered to her by Nuru, Azizi says that, as far as he can see, the land is covered in bones. Max offers to get food from the city and stretches out her wings, causing Azizi to fall over backwards and begin skittering away in terror.

Later that night, he and Nuru attempt to cut off Max's wings with a machete, but do not succeed. After this incident, Max becomes outraged with them and flies away from their hut, and the couple is never seen again.


He is described as being goofy, as opposed to his solemn sister.


  • Azizi, like his sister, is albino.