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Think of it as an earth cleanse. It will be beautiful. Follow us. Follow us and be free.


Beth was a higher-ranking officer of the Doomsday Group. She advertised the One Light, was a main speaker at their rallies, and was in charge of making everybody enthusiastic about the "planet cleanse."


Beth first appeared on television during an interview with Sofia Tabernilla, a news reporter. Tabernilla said to the camera that she was currently at the scene with one of the group's "key organizers", then she asked the girl about the Doomsday Group's message and goals. When the microphone was held out to her, Beth said that their collective goal was to introduce everyone to the One Light—calling it "an invitation for change"—then take control of the world. Tabernilla, now under the hypnosis, clarified this, and the girl nodded, smiling. Before Fang (who was watching that news channel) could fall under it as well, Star switched the program to Project Runway.

Beth appeared later on during the beginning of the Paris rally. She appeared onstage, held up her hands after some people begin to clap, and then thanked everyone for coming. (Fang soon whispered to Maya that she was the girl from the news.) She went on to say that she hoped everyone was there for the rally, and joked that if they were there for a concert by Susie Lee, they were in the wrong place. Beth asked the crowd, "Who are we?" and introduced herself, though she said that her name didn't matter and that what mattered was her belief in the One Light. The One Light, according to her, was hope. After she clapped her hands, a screen displayed various optimistic scenes of people and nature; Beth went on to say afterwards that the One Light taught people responsibility for their own actions and was about love, not hatred...then she showed the next series of images. This time, they illustrated pollution, animal abuse, and suffering humans. Beth asked the crowd if they did this—"No!" they screamed in response—and if it would be enough if the ones who did said sorry—"No!" again. She proclaimed that they need to wipe the slate clean and start over in a new world (a concept referred to as tabula rasa in philosophy)—a world in which everything and everyone is healthy and happy.

She asked everyone to join her in a song about the cult; she was last mentioned at the end of the chapter, beaming lovingly.

Physical Appearance & Personality

Beth was described as being healthy, happy, mature for her age, and pretty.


She was also very hypnotic—when people saw her or heard her speak, she seemed to be able to put them into a trance.