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Who are you? Why are you doing this?

The bird-girl as the Flock freed the mutants, The Angel Experiment

"Bird-Girl" was a 54th generation avian-human hybrid. She first appeared in The Angel Experiment when the Flock saved her and the other mutants from the Institute for Higher Living.


After Max unlatched the door to her cage, she asked the Flock who they were and why they were doing it, to which Max responded by saying, "Kids don't belong in cages." As they were navigating through the sewer, she also asked where they were. She was one of the few mutants who would speak.

The bird-girl was terrified of Ari when he appeared in the tunnels, though Max distracted her by handing her a small mutant she'd been holding. During Max's fight with Ari, Fang and the second flock managed to get to safety; afterwards, the bird-girl—unwilling to stay with the original Flock—took the second flock away. Fang remarked that she "wouldn't take no for an answer."


The bird-girl was described as being older than the other mutants, looking about ten years old, and as having fine features. Her wings also tucked in tight against her side.