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In Maximum Ride: Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports, Ari shows Max around the School as a guided tour while the Flock is being held captive there.

In one room, they see "a human baby who [isn't] even walking yet, sitting on the floor, chewing on a plastic frog while a whitecoat [writes] a long, complicated, unintelligible mathematical problem on a wall-sized whiteboard." The scientists are comparing her intelligence to that of the theoretical physicist Richard Feynman.

The baby puts down her frog and crawls over to the whiteboard. A whitecoat gives her a marker, and she "[writes] a complicated, unintelligible answer on the whiteboard, something with a lot of Greek squiggles in it." A whitecoat checks the answer; he nods, then the first one congratulates her and gives her a cookie.

In another room, they see Plexiglas boxes with some grotesque brain-like tissue growing in them; the tissue is "floating in different-colored liquids." Wires connected the boxes to computers, and a whitecoat is typing commands into it; the brain would then carry them out. This experiment, according to Ari, is possibly to see "if people [will] still need bodies or something."

There is also a room full of charging Eraser replacements: Flyboys. They are "hung in rows on metal hooks, like raggedy coats in a closet." Their eyes are closed, and Max sees "that each one [has] a wire plugged into its leg. Thin, hairy Eraser skin [is] stretched taught over their metal frames, and in some places it had torn, allowing a joint to poke through or a couple of gears or pulleys to show."

Max sees "a metallic spinal cord, connected to two metal legs, walking around. It [walks] smoothly, fluidly, like a person. At the top of the spinal cord [is] a Plexiglas box holding -- no, not a hamster -- a brainlike clump of tissue." It walks past the two of them, and she believes it to be talking to itself.

In the next room, they see a little two-year-old all-human kid with "weirdly bulked-up, developed muscles" bench-pressing more than 200 pounds.

Finally, Max can't take on any more and Ari offers to go back.