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Captain Joshua Perry was a submarine captain the Flock met in MAX.


Shortly after the Flock entered the U.S. Navy submarine, Captain Perry greeted them in a conference room and shook hands with them. He then informed Max that they hadn't had any direct word about her mother, though late last night, surveillance film was taken that showed an ocean surface covered with dead fish being attacked by seagulls. Captain Perry said that they didn't know who killed the fish, as when they were recovered and tested, they were negative for several common causes of death. He then pointed with a laser pen at the screen, which showed an "enormous dark thing" bursting out of the water in one corner of the image; however, despite having watched the film repeatedly, nobody knew what it was.

Max asked him what it had to do with her mother, to which he responded by saying he didn't know but that it all had to be connected somehow. He also informed the Flock that the submarine would be kept on code-red alert status.


He was described as being tall, with short silver hair and dark brown eyes.