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In The Angel Experiment, the Flock visits Central Park several times during their stay in New York.


While flying over Manhattan Island, Iggy hears music from below. Nudge says that it must be a concert, and after begging for Max to let them go to it, they fly down, land among some oak trees, and head into the crowd. Once there, they learn that the performers are two people named Natalie and Trent Taylor, also known as the Taylor Twins—a personal favorite of most of the Flock.

The next day, as the Flock is being pursued by Erasers, they find a crowd of schoolkids being herded into the Central Park Zoo. They merge with the crowd and get waved in, then they leave after a brief visit.

That night, after visiting the library in an attempt to find out more about The Institute for Higher Living, they decide to sleep in the park's trees again.

Later, after another Eraser attack, they head back to Central Park; however, the next morning, they find New York policemen parked under their trees. As the Flock makes a run for it, Angel loses Celeste, leaving her heartbroken.