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Watched cookies never brown.

–Dr. Valencia Martinez, The Angel Experiment

Chocolate chip cookies were Dr. Valencia Martinez's signature baked treat and Max's favorite food. All though they really don't matter much, they are still the flock's favorite food. They are also used to insult Anne Walker, the Director of the School, where Max says "You can't even make proper cookies." They were first introduced in The Angel Experiment.


The Angel Experiment

Chocolate chip cookies made their first appearance in Chapter 46, before Max returned to the Flock and after she and the Martinezes had dinner. After nearly getting sick on raw cookie dough and getting high on the fumes of the baking treats, she almost burned her tongue on one after they were taken out of the oven. Max had at least two that night and remarked that they tasted like home.

Later on in the novel, Max remembered what the cookies had been like and said that they'd been the best cookies she'd ever had.

While the Flock was walking through New York, Max spotted a Mrs. Fields and went inside with Angel. Inside, they bought more cookies, though Max told the reader that they weren't as good as the homemade ones. Later, as part of a personal mission, Max and the Flock bought several different brands of chocolate chip cookies to see if any of them were as good as Dr. Martinez's.


  • Throughout the series, Max recognized the cookies in many places, such as supermarkets, meetings, etc.
    • They reminded her of Dr. Martinez and Ella and the home she left behind temporarily in the first book, before she knew they were her blood family.
    • She also fantasized about teaching Nudge and Angel how to make them herself.
    • In testing one of the store-bought cookies, Max gave a rave review, talking about the "hint of brown sugar" and saying that was a "very honorable cookie". When she asked Fang about it, he shrugged and said it was "okay".