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The weak must be rooted out. The earth shall be cleansed so we may evolve.

Chuck reciting a Doomsday Group pledge, Maximum Ride Forever

Chuck is a Doomsday Group member who makes his only appearances in Maximum Ride Forever.


Chuck is first introduced after he almost steps on Fang, who is lying wounded from a bird attack in a dry creek bed. Renny congratulates Chuck on finding him, and Chuck remarks that scavengers must have found Fang too tough to eat. Fang laughs, wondering if he would be executed by kids; Chuck then demands to know what he's laughing about, and threatens to cut out his tongue. When Fang unfurls his wings, the awestruck Chuck believes him to be a Horseman and calls Renny an idiot. Fang claims that he's fought survivors, and Chuck asks if he cut off their heads, since they supposedly won't die unless decapitated. Chuck then recites a Doomsday Group pledge, causing Fang to stare at them. Renny soon says that he hopes the Remedy will turn his gang into Horsemen one day, and that all they have to do to undergo the transformation is kill 50 apocalypse survivors; Chuck has already killed twenty-two, although Fang suspects that this is an exaggeration. The kid then says that he'd do anything the Remedy asked him to do, leading to Renny asking Fang to teach them how to be elite soldiers.

After Fang gives his first lesson—"Murdering people to purify the population isn't evolution. That's genocide."—Chuck squints, trying to make sense of it. When Fang snap-kicks Renny after giving his second lesson—"If you like to pick on the weak, you should remember that there's always someone stronger than you."—Chuck flips out his gun, saying that weapons make them strong, and opens fire. Before any of the bullets can hit Fang, however, Star rushes onto the scene and kicks Renny in the gut and Chuck in the face. Fang then leads the kids onto a rock outcropping, summarizes the lessons, and throws their guns over a canyon. Chuck cries out, asking how they're supposed to survive without guns, to which Fang does little more than advise them not to eat purple flowers and says that survival of the fittest is the real definition of evolution. With class now dismissed, he jumps off the canyon and leaves Chuck and Renny behind, and they are never seen again.


Chuck is described as being stocky, chubby, and in his pre-teen or early teen years.