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Save the Planet! Kill the Humans! Save the Planet! Kill the Humans! Save the Planet! Kill the Humans!

–The members of the Doomsday Group, ANGEL

The Doomsday Group was a cult that recruited Gen77 kids and was obsessed with killing humans in a "planet cleanse." They were introduced in ANGEL.


They first publicly surfaced about two months before the events of ANGEL, but were experimenting on people before that.


The Doomsday Group held a rally in Paris, France, and put crowds of people on top of a sewer system full of rigged time bombs. The Flock and Fang's Gang were able to partially avert the disaster, but in the end, the cult still succeeded in wounding and murdering thousands.


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Maximum Ride Forever

The group reappeared in the final book, though its mission was slightly different. The members were now tasked with killing off any survivors and were told that if they killed 50 of them, the Remedy would turn them into Horsemen.


The people affected by this cult were often described as glassy-eyed with freaky smiles on their faces.


  • Known members members included Mark, Beth, Toni, Allen, Josh, and many of the Gen77 kids.
    • Iggy and Ella were part of the group temporarily.
    • Gazzy and Angel, under the names Andrew and Angelika; spied on the group for the Flock, though they were never officially a part of it.
  • The absolute higher-up that the group constantly ranted about was the One Light. They said that the One Light promised them freedom from their afflictions, peace, and a better world.