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Dr. Brigid Dwyer

Dr. Amazing
Dr. Stupendous
Dr. Brilliant
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Family Unknown
Status Alive; Fate Uncertain
Eye Color Unrevealed, Supposedly Green
Hair Color Blond; Red
Height Unknown
Affiliation Wendy K. scientists
The Flock
Weapons none
Species Human
Home Wendy K.
Appearances The Final Warning, MAX

Dr. Brigid Dwyer is a 21-year-old doctor from the team of the Wendy K. on the Antarctica expedition to stop global warming, first introduced in The Final Warning.

Earlier History

Brigid sort of "whizzed" through MIT, then got her doctorate at the University of Arizona. In a way, she understood what it feels like to stick out, to be different from everyone else, like the Flock. She'd finished high school when she was twelve. People used to called her a freak. Even her parents didn't know what to do with her.

Physical Appearance

She is said to be a couple inches shorter than Max (6 inches shorter than Fang), and she has varying hair colors (in The Final Warning, she is said to be a blonde, though it contradicts to that statement in MAX by saying that she has red hair.



Max becomes jealous that Fang thinks she's nice as well as being interested in her hair; soon, he takes a romantic interest in her. As a result, throughout the 4th and 5th books, Max begins calling the doctor "Dr. Stupendous, Dr. Amazing, Dr. Wonderful, Dr. Brilliant, etc." as a type of sarcastic criticism.

Mr. Chu

Brigid may also have something to do with Mr. Chu, as suggested when Max sees Brigid meeting with him at the end of MAX.


  • She owns a Jeep.