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Dr. Noelani Akana is a marine biologist the Flock meets in MAX.


After the Flock's submarine arrives at Haleakalā National Park, Captain Joshua Perry tells Max that they are picking up a marine biologist; Dr. John Abate further describes them by saying that they are a colleague who specializes in bony fish.

She is first seen hurrying down the dock, away from a school bus from a school called Fremont Middle School. She gives the group an aloha, and John hugs her, then tells Max that Noelani knows the Hawaiian waters like Max knows junk food. Noelani calls Max "the miracle bird girl", to which Max responds by saying that it's just one name for her. The biologist smiles, tosses a brown duffel bag down the hatch of the submarine, and slides down the rails of the ladder. A moment later, she claps her hands and tells the group their plan: they're going to get close to where the attacks took place, stop at sixty meters deep, then supposedly go on a field trip. Then she heads away to the females' quarters.

Later, Noelani tries to tell Angel that she's only six, but Angel insists that she's seven.

As she and the Flock are swimming, she points out a yellowfin tuna and a turtle. She is also the first one to see Angel swimming underwater with help from her gills.


She is described as being a short, tan woman with long-braided gray hair and bright black eyes, which causes Max to assume that she is native Hawaiian.