Ergent Seth is number 6 on The List. He is the main villain in Book 1. He is described as having a horse's head with dead skin stretched over the skull and black beetle-like eyes. He (possibly) developed a special bullet for the Opus 24/24 Magnum assault rifle that is rigged to explode like a time bomb after being shot. Eregent Seth is the only other outlaw he hates more then The Prayer.

The Phoebe Cook ImitationEdit

Phoebe Cook was an attractive girl with blue eyes and dark hair attending the school that Daniel signed up for as cover after the Portland police incident. She was apparently distraught about the kidnapping of her little sister. One night, Daniel snuck into her house via her upstairs window and slept in her closet. That night he scanned a dream she had about being a some horrible horse-headed monster up at a chalkboard sweating over a problem while a classroom full of other horse-heads is chanting "dumb-dumb". The next morning, Daniel realizes Phoebe is gone. He looks all over for her and finally finds her near the school's sports field. He holds her close. Daniel's worst fears are realized when Phoebe Cook is Ergent Seth right before his very eyes and disconnects his powers.


His death occurred in his battle against Daniel, as he became a tick and crawled into Seth's ear. He tortured him from the inside out as revenge for his friends. After threatening Daniel to come out or else he would blow up the planet, Daniel then grew into an elephant and made Seth's head explode from the growth.