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The Flock

Fang's blog is a blog created and run by Fang. He makes many posts concerning different issues—mostly about the Flock's/Gang's adventures. He has been able to rally support through the internet via his blog, and it proves useful when he calls his supporters (mostly kids) together and they storm various facilities associated with the School and Itexicon in Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports. Fang first started his blog in the end of The Angel Experiment (and the beginning of School's Out - Forever), and by MAX, he has about 600,000 readers who log in every day. He also had his own fan clubs and everything. Quoted from Max: "Girls sent him ridiculous e-mails about how wonderful he was, what a hero, etc. It was enough to turn your stomach."

In ANGEL, he used the blog to recruit members for the Gang. In Maximum Ride Forever, the blog became a "rogue news site" where readers could get in contact with each other and ask for advice.

Known Visitors in Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports

  • Advon777 in Utah   
  • FeliciteStarLight in Milan, Italy
  • JamesL in Ontario
  • PDM1223
  • BigBoyBlue in Seattle
  • Kewl dude 326 in San Diego
  • Sugargrrl in Roanoke, Virginia
  • Heather Schmidt, president of Green Kids
  • Streetfightr in Brooklyn
  • Chen Wei in Hong Kong
  • Carlos
  • Adide in Uganda
  • Cobra in Chicago
  • Dita in Mumbai
  • Sean in Manchester, England
  • Sue P in Palm Beach

Known Visitors in the Final Warning

  • Dylan from Omaha
  • Sweetmarie420 from Gainseville
  • Zeroland from Tupelo
  • MelysaB from Boulder
  • Ali, Ju-Ju, Ariel, and Robin Bernstein from Palm Beach
  • TenableCape9819 in New Jersey
  • BitterGummy from Honshu
  • MinkyPuddin from Sydney
  • Shy Babe from Seattle
  • Slimfan3 from Jacksonville
  • MissLolo from Tulsa
  • Googleblob from Holy Oak, CA
  • S. Haarter from Johannesburg
  • StarGirl13

Known Visitors in FANG

  • Jess

Known Visitors in Nevermore

  • Mazin Nourahmed

Known Visitors in Maximum Ride Forever

  • TeeniBikeeni from California
  • Babette99 from Rome
  • Brklynb8b
  • JumpinJoanie from Traverse City, Michigan
  • PAtunnelratt in West Pennsylvania
  • Flockfan23
  • ImMargaretA


  • In real life, Fang's blog was originally hosted by Blogspot, but eventually got moved to James Patterson's official website. It shares the site with the Witch and Wizard series, Confessions Of A Murder Suspect, as well as the Daniel X series.
  • The blog is not limited to posts from Fang, Max, Iggy, and Nudge.
  • Similar page: "FangStuff" Folder
  • Fang also started a "club" during custody called the Haters of ter Borcht club. But this was just to make Roland ter Borcht mad.

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