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It was a pretty complete list. The kind of list one makes when one cannot fall asleep because one's thoughts keep swirling through one's brain like a bunch of sparrows on crack ... He was a turbulent sleeper. Unlike Fang, who was quiet and self-contained. I started to add that to the list, but then thought, Who cares?

Max, Nevermore

Fang Dylan
Knows me better than anyone (both a positive and a negative). Practically just met me (less blackmail material).
Can completely trust him (probably). Seems trustworthy (so far).
Helps me stay tough. Helps me admit I can't always be tough.
Doesn't care about social skills. Like me. A freaking social butterfly. Complements on my antisocial behavior.
Has eyes that seem to see inside me. Not good. Has eyes that make me forget myself. Not good.
Is capable of bringing the meaning of "irritating" to whole new levels. Is capable of . . . pretty much the same thing.
Almost like a brother (ack). Not like a brother. At all. In any way.
Closed off. Makes darn sure I know every single emotion going though his head.
I don't know how to act around him anymore. Easy to be around.
Never told me he loved me. (Writing it in a letter right before he deserted me doesn't count. Coward.) Loves me. And told me so. Right to my face. Gulp.
Intense. Powerful. Moves in a way that makes me ache to touch him. Strong. Beautiful. Looks at me in a way that makes me ache to . . . scratch that.
Still having dreams about the way he kissed me. Ditto.
Don't know where he is right now. Because he freaking left. Is right here with me. Now. Always.