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To us, the words safe house have about as much meaning as jumbo shrimp. No house would ever feel safe enough. Maybe if it were on Mars, and we could see rockets coming from thousands of miles away . . .

Max, The Final Warning

There have been two true flock houses in the Maximum Ride novel series.​

The Original Flock Home

File:The Original Flock Home.jpg

The flock's original home, as shown in the manga.

The first one was used only in the beginning of The Angel Experiment, and is where the flock lived after Jeb Batchelder smuggled them out of the School. The house, as described by Max, “was shaped like a letter E turned on its side. The bars of the E were cantilevered on stilts out over a steep canyon…” Max also believes that “On a ‘cool’ scale from one to ten, this house was an easy fifteen.” However, later in the same book, Ari tells Nudge and Fang that it is “nothing but ashes”, implying that it has been burned down. It was stated in The Angel Experiment that the house was located in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, a mountain range in southern Colorado and northern New Mexico.

Dr. Martinez's House

The second one is Dr. Martinez's house in Arizona. Although it serves mainly just a place to rest, the Flock is always welcomed there.

Other Homes

In other books, the flock finds different homes; however, the flock has been forced to leave these, therefore they do not truly qualify as true flock homes. An example would be in School's Out - Forever; the flock meets Anne Walker, who takes them to her country home in Virginia. They stay long enough to celebrate Thanksgiving with her, but are forced to leave when it is revealed that she is Jeb's boss.