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Flyboys are basically robot Erasers with wings, with Eraser skin stretched over the metal frame. They were introduced in Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports, and were retired after Itexicon was disbanded. Flyboys can also have guns on their arms like Devin, who has a glock 18 attached to his arm. Also, a fly boy looks like this, if it's the little known annoying version. It looks like a cross between a fly and a child.


  • In the novels, the name was given to them by Iggy, although in the manga, Ari reveals that the robots were originally called Flyboys.
  • The Flock was often extremely annoyed that the Flyboys didn't say anything more imaginative than "I am one of many" or "I will terminate you."
  • The Flyboys also have the ability to combat the Flock aerially, and tend to travel in large groups, although Erasers already had this ability.
  • Their weakness is a blow to where the bottom of the spine would be, as revealed by Jeb Batchelder. Similarly, the strange ninjas that appear in one book, have a weakness, if hit on the head, their head will split like an orange. Omega, the perfect boy, also had a weakness of not being able to track objects that are moving fast with his eyes. This may be because all things have a weakness somewhere, even the things supposed to be perfect. This might be the authors way of saying nothing is perfect.
  • They have to be charged before use, as Max witnessed at the School.
  • They often carried guns which were occasionally were welded to their arms.