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Gozen was unlike anything we'd come up against before. He was bigger, faster, human enough to be subtle but machine enough to have no conscience. I did think he was probably too heavy to fly, so yay for that.

Max, The Final Warning

Gozen was the bodyguard of the Uber-Director in The Final Warning.


He was a cyborg that was around seven feet tall, weighing somewhere over three hundred pounds. He had an appearance similar to that of Frankenstein's monster, being made out of different human body parts stitched together. A curved, shiny metal plate covered part of his bare skull where they couldn't get skin to grow. He had a metal jaw and a mask covering his mouth and nose. One arm was a foot longer than the other, and was made out of metal. The rest of his body was tinted green, and he was hugely muscular.

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Gozen served as the personal bodyguard to the Uber-Director. During the events of The Final Warning, he was sent to Antarctica with an army of robotic foot soldiers to capture Max and the Flock, as the Uber-Director was intending to hand them off to the highest bidder. Gozen kept watch over the Flock when they were being held in an office building in Miami during the bidding.


Gozen is a violent, ruthless killer; one of the Uber-Director's human assistants noted that he had seen Gozen reach out, snatch a songbird from the air, and casually break its neck. Gozen does not show signs of morality, and acts robotic in the sense of not having emotion.


Gozen is presumed dead, as he was kicked into the strong winds of a hurricane by Max while he tried to protect the Uber-Director.


  • He follows any order from the Uber-Director without question.
    • Max states that she wishes Gazzy and Iggy could obey orders like Gozen.
  • At one point, Max calls him "the Incredible Humorless Hulk".
  • Nudge, at first, thought Gozen's name was Gyoza, which are Japanese dumplings.
Clearly they had gotten this guy from Frank-n-steins R Us. ... He gave an impression of being chunked together from different alien species, and somehow it seemed even worse than Ari's awful wings, sewn into his back.

–Max, The Final Warning