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Harrison "Harry" Angel is Tandy's twin brother. He is the complete opposite of Tandy; kind, quiet, sensitive. Although he was extremely good at art and music, he was never appreciated by Malcolm and Maud. He was only ten-years-old when he first got to play in Carnegie Hall.


  • Harrison Weepyface (by Hugo)
  • Our greatest pianist (by a man in the audience at Lincoln Center)
  • Harry (by like everyone)


Harry has dark hair and eyes like Tandy.


Carnegie Hall: Age 10

Piece(s): Unknown

Lincoln Center: Age 16

Piece(s): Partita no. 1 in B-flat

Carnegie Hall: In Confessions the Murder of an Angel

Piece(s): "We Will Always" (written for Tandoori)


Harry shares a close bond with Tandy and a romantic relationship with C.P.