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Himmel is the underground cave system used as a bunker and base by the Remedy during the apocalypse in Maximum Ride Forever. It is located in Russia, in the Siberian wilderness. The tunnels are located as far down as twenty stories underground.


As described in Maximum Ride Forever, Himmel's entrance is located in a clearing. It is small and narrow with larger vents surrounding it which can be used as exits. Inside, the city is made up of a labyrinth of tunnels with heavily-armed guards posted at regular checkpoints. It has many rooms including labs, food storage rooms, a greenhouse, and bedrooms. The tunnels are full of changing holographs of cities such as London, Singapore, and Vienna, creating the illusion that people are outdoors. However, the air is canned and stale.

Dylan's bedroom can be reached by an elevator and is filled with pink silk pillows, luxurious chairs and a round waterbed, mirrors, and tapestries. It is also decorated by 3D holograms of green leaves, flowers and sunlight. One of the mirrors hides a secret door with a long, narrow staircase leading down to the Remedy’s office.

The Remedy's office is a grand ballroom with a ceiling hundreds of feet high, decorated with gold leaf and painted frescoes. The only furniture is a black office chair.

When Max enters, the holographs have been turned off and the damp tunnels resemble more of a subway station with sloped walls and tracking lights and many black doors. Max finds a single door at the end of a hallway, leading into an exact replica of the lab where she grew up.

The Flock and their army live in Himmel during the nuclear winter. They stockpile supplies and start a plant nursery. Some of the holograms keep functioning and occasionally create images of city streets and starry skies, but other tunnels are left dark.


  • Himmel means "Heaven" in German. This is similar to the tropical island known as Paradise, which was also created as a way to survive the apocalypse.