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Itex symbol used on Fang's blog in 2006

Itexicon was an evil organization who was going to "save" the world by killing all the imperfect people through a process called the By-Half Plan. It was associated with the School and Institutes for Higher Living and Aeronautics, and it was run by the Director and Uber-Director.


Before its downfall, Itexicon literally owned half the world. They owned almost every company, and had branches in every country in the world, having five in France alone.

They had a main base in Lendeheim, Germany, which Max later infiltrated with her mini-Flock. It was also where Max encountered Max II for the second time. They were held captive along with a bunch of other mutants who the whitecoats planned to "retire," or kill off, in favor of robots.

They met the Director at Itexicon, who claimed to be Max's mother. Later, though, while Max and her mini-Flock were imprisoned there, Jeb Batchelder revealed that the Director was lying, and that Max's real parents are himself and Dr. Valencia Martinez.

While there, Max also had a showdown with Omega, the supposedly-perfect human being created by the Director; however, she lost all of the contests presented to her.

Later, fans and followers of Fang's blog appeared and attacked the place. After that, Max questioned the Director about her mother and finds out that the Director is also a human-animal hybrid—she has Galapagos tortoise DNA in addition to human DNA and claimed that she was 107 years old. It was also confirmed the Dr. Martinez is really Max's mother.

Jeb was working for Itexicon in the first three books of the series. He told Max that he was trying to help her, but she no longer trusts him.

Other Names

Itexicon went under different names in certain countries. Some of these alter egos included:

  • Stellah Corp (in England)
  • Dywestra (country unknown)
  • Mofongo Research (country unknown)
  • DelaneyMinker (in Australia)
    • DelaneyMinkerPrince