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Jackie is one of the "silo girls" Gazzy and Iggy met in Maximum Ride Forever. However, she is not seen in any of the other Maximum Ride books.


Iggy and Gazzy traveled across America searching for PAtunnelratt, a commenter on Fang’s blog who had survived in an underground silo in West Pennsylvania. They were ambushed by a band of heavily-armed teenaged girls who lived in a similar silo. Although they had not heard of the blog commenter, they said that there were lots of underground silos in the area. They survived partly by hunting wild game in the woods.

Jackie thinks the boys are from the Doomsday Group at first, but they manage to convince her that they mean no harm. The girls put them to work cleaning sewage on the lowest level of the silo.

Gazzy calls the silo girls “hardcore.” They later join Angel’s army in Russia. Their final fate is unkown.


Jackie is described as having dreadlocks and a crossbow.