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Les filles oiseaux sont trés belles. [The bird girls are very beautiful.]

Jeanne talking to Mr. Chu in French, FANG

Jeanne was a young girl Max and Angel, while in Chad, Africa, met in FANG. However, she is not mentioned in any other books.


Jeanne first appeared when Angel strode up to Max with her. After smiling and thanking the Flock for their help (in French), she gave Max and Angel hugs. Angel then said that Jeanne was special, then with a shy smile, Jeanne held her hand palm-up and Angel lightly sliced the heel with a rock. Max swept the rock away and asked Angel if she'd lost her mind, but Jeanne supported Angel in saying it was okay. When Max said she'd get a first-aid kit, Jeanne grabbed her arm and pointed at the wound. Shortly after, she placed a finger she'd been sucking on the wound and began pressing on it. As she ran her finger slowly along it, it closed up before Max's eyes—she'd healed herself.

An unspecified period of time later, Jeanne returned to Mr. Chu's trailer and was told her mission was successful. After calling the "bird girls" (Max and Angel) beautiful, she was given a lollipop as a reward for her success. An assistant then swabbed her upper arm with an alcohol wipe and injected the contents of a hypodermic needle into her almost nonexistent muscle as she silently swirled the lollipop in her mouth.

It is unknown whether or not she was taken to Paradise along with the other mutants.


Jeanne was described as being small, with curly blond hair that stood out around her head like a halo. When she hugged Max, Max described her hand as being small and rough against the back of her neck. She was said to have been wearing a yellow dress and to have had thin-braided hair when she arrived at Mr. Chu's trailer. One of her arms is also lined with dots made by hundreds of needle injections.


By applying saliva on her fingertip and pressing down on a wound, she was able to heal herself almost instantly. However, it is believed that this was a gift acquired after experimentation, as in one part of FANG, she was shown being injected with a hypodermic by one of Mr. Chu's assistants; it was also said in relation to these injections that without them, the side effects of being a self-healer were very bad.



Jeanne used to have a father and four brothers; however, due to either HIV, hunger, or civil war outbreaks, they all died within the past two years of the series' universe. When she first appeared, it was just her and her mother who were left, and her mother had recently been diagnosed with HIV, meaning that Jeanne was almost an orphan.