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New York City, New York was an American city featured several times in the Maximum Ride books.


The Angel Experiment

While searching for the Institute for Higher Living, the Flock visited AFO Schmidt and the 433 Building. They slept in Central Park several times, being attracted there by a concert by the Taylor Twins, and briefly visited the Central Park Zoo to avoid Erasers. However, they were eventually caught sleeping in trees by policemen, at which point they escaped to St. Patrick's Cathedral.

Having found a bank card, Max bought food from street stands and tried to take the Flock out to eat at the Garden Tavern. Escaping from policemen and Erasers, they camped out in a construction site. Photos taken at the Garden Tavern show up in the New York Post under headlines like "Miracle or Illusion? Superhumans or Genetic Freaks?"

They later slept in the subway tunnels, where they met Mike and eventually discovered an entrance to the Institute through the sewers.

Maximum Ride Forever

The Flock found some news sites showing early images of New York City beginning to flood. When Max visited, she found the eastern coastline completely flooded and NYC underwater, with no signs of life. Only the tops of skyscrapers and the Statue of Liberty's torch were above the waterline.