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It was a whole new world, made up of homeless people, people who didn't fit in anywhere, runaways...

–Max, The Angel Experiment

The New York subway tunnels were the tunnels in the subways of New York City.


The Angel Experiment

After leaving the library, Nudge asked if they could take the subway back to Central Park. Max told her that it was only about eighteen blocks to walk, but the Flock chose to check on how much the subway fare was anyway. Ten minutes passed without a train before Iggy heard voices in the tunnels; Max quickly caught on and decided to check it out with the rest of the Flock.

As they were going through, Iggy felt a train coming, causing the Flock to press themselves against the walls. Afterwards, a rough voice asked who was there and led the Flock to discover the small city in the tunnels. They spent the night in the city and, following a dispute with Mike, left in the morning.


The tunnels are described as having "yucky, disgusting" walls.

The cavern containing the small city was large, three stories high and dripping with stalactites and condensation. Its residents had also started fires in fifty-gallon oil drums. After Nudge gave a knish to a woman inside the cavern, she pointed at a narrow concrete ledge built that was hundreds of feet long and built into the wall.


  • Per Fang, the third rail of the subway train tracks has seven hundred volts of direct current running through it.