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Newton is a private school in Oregon which the Flock attends during Nevermore.


Attending school was Dylan’s idea, but their tuition for Newton was provided by Nino Pierpont. Their first week proceeds well. The school’s online newspaper, Newton News, has an article about the Flock as well as a photo of them posed around the school’s entrance sign with a banner reading “Maxine and Co.” Fang later tracks down their location through this article.

Dylan is immediately popular with the girls, and Nudge enjoys talking to them. Gazzy has Science Club and Iggy excels at soccer. However, Max is uncomfortable there, and Nudge is shunned by the popular girls after her date with her classmate Sloan goes badly.

The Flock apparently lived close to the school, and Dylan destroyed part of the surrounding town while angry about losing Max.



  • Andi
  • Sarah
  • Bethany
  • Melinda
  • Madison
  • Sloan