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Orkng Jllfgna is a minor antagonist that appears briefly in the novel The Dangerous Days of Daniel X. This alien is Number 19 on the The List of Alien Outlaws.

Appearance and Power

Orkng Jiifgna is described by Daniel to be part man, part jellyfish, and part chainsaw. However, it is also a shape-shifter so it is unknown what its true appearance is. Its main activity is to kidnap the elderly and their pets.


Daniel X had been tracking this alien at the start of the first novel. The chase had started in Canada, along the Pacific, a near miss at Seattle and finally to the sewers of Portland, Oregon between Rose Garden Arena and PGE Park. The Alien had blocked Daniel's way . While showing of its shape-shifting skill, Daniel dived into the aliens changing molecules and shredded the monster to pieces.