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Terra Firma (known as Earth by its inhabitants) is a planet in the Milky Way galaxy.


Role in Series

Terra Firma is where most of the Daniel X series takes place. Resident Alparian Daniel X works to destroy the alien criminals on this planet, who often have a scheme of their own design involving the Earthlings that would end in their destruction.

The Dangerous Days of Daniel X

In the first installment of the Daniel X series, Daniel lives on Terra Firma and began a mission to destroy Number Six on The List.

Daniel X: Watch the Skies

Daniel X must stop Number 5 from killing humans with a TV show called Entertainment.

Daniel X: Demons and Druids

Daniel X must travel back in time to stop Phosphorous Beta's fire empire before it even starts.

Daniel X: Game Over

Daniel X must stop Number 7 and Number 8 from wiping out the human race with a mind-controlling video game.

Known Inhabitants




  • According to the Daniel X series, the elephant is not originally from Terra Firma. They were given as a gift to the "unique" humans from the inhabitants of Alpar Nok.