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You know, tall for my age, like you. People always say, Oh, be glad about it—you can be a basketball player, or a model or something. But when you're fourteen, a girl, and five ten, the whole thing pretty much sucks. But now I'm not alone. We match.

Tess to Iggy, School's Out - Forever

Tess was a 14-year-old girl that went to the school that the Flock temporarily attended in School's Out - Forever.


In their classroom, her seat was eight feet away from Iggy’s, “due northeast.”

When the Flock's school in Virginia was getting on buses for a field trip, she helped Iggy find their class after they changed walking direction without warning. Iggy had lost track of Fang, and Tess guided him in the right direction. After a brief conversation with him, Tess was called away because she was a room leader. However, she promised to find Iggy again later.


She was only described to be as tall as 5' 10".



A passage said Iggy "felt like a blind idiot" when she talked to him on the field trip, and after this meeting he felt like he was "hit by a truck". Later on, in a chapter in Iggy's point of view, he wondered where Tess was going to sit when it was close to his lunch period.


  • In the White House gift shop, Max noticed Iggy talking and laughing with a girl who was looking at scarves. This might have been Tess.