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The Prayer is an antagonist first mentioned in the novel The Dangerous Days of Daniel X.


Simply put, The Prayer is described as a 6.5 foot tall "praying mantis." As an alien, it has a long purple colored body, an almost shrunken head, large, liquid black eyes, and an added touch of long, stringy red dreadlocks.

It is mentioned in the novel The Dangerous Days of Daniel X that The Prayer may or may not have the ability to shape-shift, and the form he had taken twelve years prior to the novel may not have been his true visage.


The Prayer is number one on The List. 12 years before the series began he killed Daniel X's parents.

Murder of Daniel's Parents

Twelve years prior to the first novel, Daniel was 3 years old. While playing in the basement, he hears explosions in the level above, and a voice demanding something called "The List" from his parents. The Prayer fires a few rounds into his parents with what Daniel recognized as a 24/24 Opus Magnum, and searches the lower level of the house for Daniel, intent on obtaining The List. Daniel first discovers the full extent of his powers that day, and The Prayer, in anger, never did find The List. After finishing off Daniel's parents, he sets the house aflame.

Template:Dangerous Days Characters Note: The Prayer is actually assumed to be a god by Daniel's parents and was the one who gave them the list for his entertaiment. When they refused to go after number 2, he demanded the list back. But we do not know if daniel kills the prayer