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I saw my name on a page, my real name, Monique, and then, like, some people's names, and then—Tipisco, Arizona. Tipisco is right on the Arizona California border—I found it on the map. Real tiny town, it looked like.

Nudge about Tipisco, The Angel Experiment

Tipisco, Arizona, was where Nudge believed herself to be from after reading some of Jeb Batchelder's documents.


After spotting a sign for the city while flying with Fang, Nudge flew down below to a trailer park, commenting that Tipisco's size made it easy to find the address she was looking for: 4625. Shortly after, they saw a woman come out the door, sit down in a lawn chair, and light a cigarette while drinking soda.

Nudge never got the chance to ask the woman any questions, however, because Erasers soon came, forcing her and Fang to leave the park.